Vitamin K in skincare

Vitamin K is not a newcomer to the skin care scene or medicine. Vitamin K has long been known as a key contributor to our blood vessels and circulatory system.

What is vitamin K?

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be acquired through eating dark leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables. Vitamin K can also be manufactured by the liver. Because it is fat-soluble, Vitamin K may be stored by fat cells. However, the body rarely stores large amounts of Vitamin K, so we must continually replenish our body with Vitamin K through our diet

Vitamin K importance in circulation


Vitamin K is an important regulator of the processes that help our body clot and heal wounds. Vitamin K’s important role in our blood circulation is one of the reasons that we use Vitamin K to treat rosacea, spider veins, or dark under-eye circles. The discoloration related to these skin conditions is the result of leaky blood vessels or broken capillaries visible through the skin, which is more pronounced in the thin skin around the eyes.
Vitamin K is believed to connect with receptors on blood vessels, signaling them to constrict, limiting or completely stopping blood leakage. Reduced blood near the skin’s surface minimizes redness or dark spots. When looking for a Men’s dark circle concealer or eye cream, Vitamin K is an important ingredient to look for.

Vitamin K's role in pigmentation


Vitamin K can also balance skin coloration by binding pigment compounds and carrying them out of the cells. This reduction of pigment can reduce age spots and dark circles, as well as minimize the appearance of freckles or blemishes.

Vitamin K's role in elasticity

Vitamin K's role in elasticity

Most research has focused on Vitamin K as a circulatory agent, but there is some evidence that points to Vitamin K’s potential to fight wrinkles. Studies have shown that a Vitamin K-activated protein was involved to reduce the calcification of the extracellular matrix, allowing skin to maintain its natural elasticity. And especially because of it’s effectiveness with broken capillaries common in rosacea, Vitamin K can be important for the best anti aging products for rosacea sufferers.

VITAMIN K For the Skin

We get most of our Vitamin K delivered to the cells and tissues internally from the foods we eat or when it is produced by the liver. However, Vitamin K’s skin benefits are most effective when delivered directly to the problem areas via cream or other topical product.